DuraFin® Applied Fin Tubes described the creation of an enhanced surface tube by affixing a sheet metal fin to a smooth tube. The fin is helically wound around the tube forming a strong mechanical contact between the tube and fin. Several types of fin attachments provide excellent service life in a variety of applications. In heavy duty applications the fins can be permanently bonded to the tube by using solder or braze.

DURA-I Edge Tension Finned Tube

DURA-IB Brazed Edge Tension Finned Tube

DURA-IS Soldered Edge Tension Finned Tube

DURA-IT Corrugated Fin Tube

DURA-L Footed Finned Tube

Dura-G Embedded Finned Tube

DURA-W Wrinkle Finned Tube

DURA-J Micro Finned Tube