DuraFin Tube provides quality products and services which meets or exceeds customer requirements and industry standards. As a team, we are committed to striving for global excellence through continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system by promoting best practices and encouraging innovative ideas which will benefit our Customers, Suppliers, and Associates.

Finned Tubes

Heat Exchangers

Tube Components

Tube Mill Products

DuraFin® Group

DURA-I: Edge Tension Finned Tube
DURA-IB: Edge Tension Brazed Finned Tube
DURA-IS: Edge Tension Soldered Finned Tube
DURA-IT: Edge Tension Corrugated Finned Tube
DURA-L: L-Footed Finned Tube
DURA-G: Embedded Finned Tube
DURA-W: Wrinkle Finned Tube
DURA-J: Micro Finned Tube
DURA-K: Low Finned Tube
DURA-KR: Rifled ID Low Finned Tube
DURA-M: Medium-High Finned Tube
DURA-H: High Finned Tube
DURA-HB: Bi-Metal High Finned Tube
DURA-C: Condenser Finned Tube
DURA-R: Custom Finned Tube

DuraCor® Group

DURA-T: Corrugated Metal Tube

DuraForm® Group

DURA-F: Formed and Dimpled Tube

DuraHX® Group

HX: Heat Exchanger Assemblies
FX: Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
SX: Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers

DuraTube® Group

TT: Twisted Tape Turbulator
RB: Return Bend
LB: Elbow Bend
TS: Tube Sheet/Baffle/Flange
TM: Tube Manifold
TC: Tube Support Collar
TF: Tube End Forming
DURA-DF: DWF Coaxial Tube
DURA-DB: Double Wall Bi Metal
DURA-DL: Double Wall Leak Path
DURA-ER: ID Grooved/Rifle Tube
DURA-TR: Tube Rings/Sleeves
DURA-RD: Custom Drawn Tube