Finned Tube Development

Durafin Tube is a leading international manufacturer of Finned Tube Products since 1984. We provide our customers with many styles of finned and enhanced tubing. Our products fall under two styles of Finned Tube, applied and formed fins. Three distinct processes are utilized to create our fins. The first is the process of applying strip stock to the outside of the tube in a perpendicular to tube configuration. The second is forming or pressing the fins into the tube wall creating extruded shaped fins. The third is to form the tube using dies to create dimples or shapes in the tube wall. All technologies are developed and supported in-house providing control over the process.

Since our products are developed in-house we have a vast knowledge of tube-enhancing technologies. This, in addition to having an internal tool & die machine shop, makes us fully capable of developing tube configurations for our customers. This keeps development costs down as well as provides a shorter lead time to completion.

Durafin Tube is committed to providing two types of development solutions:

1. Current designs that can be modified to specific needs.
2. New designs that have yet to be developed.

Both processes follow our standard Proven Process. That process is the Durafin Tube CARE system – Connect, Assess, Resolve, Evaluate.

We look forward to you challenging us!