DURA-IT Corrugated Fin Tube

DuraFin Tube’s Edge Tension Corrugated Finned Tube offers two enhancements to thin walled tubing. The DuraCor® corrugation on the inside diameter of the tube assists in heat transfer by creating a spiral groove. The DuraFin® finned tube is embedded into the groove causing excellent tube to fin engagement. DURA-IT is also available with brazed or soldered fin to tube bond for further heat transfer enhancement.


Fins Per Inch

3-8 FPI

Fin Height

0.125″ to 0.38″

Fin Material

Cu, Al, SS, CS

Tube OD

3/8″ to 1″ OD

Tube Material

Cu, CuNi, Br, Al, SS, CS

Max Process Temperature, No Coating

250 °F

Max Process Temperature, Brazed

>750 °F

Max Process Temperature, Soldered

400 °F