DURA-IB Brazed Edge Tension Finned Tube

Brazed finned tubing from DuraFin Tube offers a solid metallurgical bond between fin and tube, making it ideal for rigorous, high-temperature applications. When the tube expands or shrinks due to temperature changes, the brazed bond never relaxes its grip. DuraFin Tube offers brazed finned tubing in similar or dissimilar metals for increased heat transfer efficiency.


Fins Per Inch

2-20 FPI

Fin Height

0.125″ to 1.0″

Fin Material

Cu, SS, CS

Tube OD

1/4″ to 3″ OD

Tube Material

Cu, CuNi, Br, SS, CS, Ni

Max Process Temperature

>750 °F (maximum should be agreed by purchaser)