DURA-DB: Double Wall Bi Metal

A bimetal tube is a type of tubing that is composed of two different metals bonded together. These metals typically have different coefficients of thermal expansion, which means they expand and contract at different rates when subjected to changes in temperature. This property is utilized in bimetal tubes to provide specific characteristics and functionalities.

The most common configuration of a bimetal tube consists of an outer layer or shell made of one metal and an inner core made of a different metal. The choice of metals depends on the intended application and the desired properties of the tube.

Overall, bimetal tubes offer a combination of properties from the two constituent metals, allowing for customized solutions tailored to specific applications where temperature sensitivity or thermal actuation is required.



Outer Tube OD

0.500" to 3.500"

Outer Tube Thickness

0.028" to 0.150"

Inner Tube Thickness

Per Tube Spec

Inner Tube Wall

0.035" to 0.049"

Outer Tube Material


Inner Tube Material

Cu, CuNi, CS, SS, Ni, Ti