DURA-L Footed Finned Tube

Highly efficient yet cost effective, DuraFin® L-footed finned tubing offers maximum heat transfer at lower temperatures. The unique L-shaped design holds fins rigidly to withstand heat cycling and high velocity air vibration.

The L-Foot Finned Tube can also be offered in following variations to the Fin:

Knurled Fin (DURA-LK)
Double Overlap Fin (DURA-LL)
Perforated Fin (DURA-LP)


Fins Per Inch

4-14 FPI

Fin Height

0.25″ to 0.75″

Fin Material

Cu, Al

Tube OD

0.5″ to 2.0″ OD

Tube Material

Cu, CuNi, Br, Al, SS, CS, Ni, Ti

Max Process Temperature, Single L and Double Overlap L

270 °F

Max Process Temperature, Knurled L-Foot

390 °F