DURA-DL: Double Wall Leak Path

A double-wall leak detector tube, also known as a safety tube, is a specialized type of tubing used in applications where the detection of leaks is critical, particularly in systems carrying hazardous or environmentally sensitive fluids. This type of tubing consists of two concentric tubes—one inner tube and one outer tube—sealed together to create a double-wall structure.

The principle behind a double-wall leak detector tube is simple: if the inner tube develops a leak, the fluid escaping from it will come into contact with the outer tube, causing a noticeable change that can be detected. This change might include a color change, bubbling, or some other visible indication.

By providing an extra layer of protection and an early warning system for potential leaks, double-wall leak detector tubes help mitigate risks and prevent environmental damage, product loss, and safety incidents. They play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and safety of fluid transport and containment systems in various industries.



Outer Tube OD

0.625", 0.750"

Outer Tube Thickness

0.040", 0.049"

Inner Tube OD

0.500", 0.625", 0.652", 0.750"

Inner Tube Thickness

0.025" to 0.049"

Outer Tube Material

Cu, CuNi

Inner Tube Material

Cu, CuNi

Leak Path Styles

Hellical Groove, Diamond Cross Hatch