DURA-H Mono-Extruded High Finned Tube

The DuraFin® High Finned Tube is made from mono extruded copper alloys. The DURA-H High Fins are up to 0.400″ (10mm) high. Extruded fin tubes are formed helically out of a mono-metal tube. The result is an integrally formed finned tube with an excellent fin-to-tube uniformity providing exceptional efficiency and longevity. Whether rough service, high temperatures, or corrosive environment, extruded fin tubes are a great option for heat exchanger applications. High Finned Tubes can be annealed to a soft state for bending and coiling. This type of product is excellent for heating, refrigeration, machinery coolers, water-heaters, and boilers.


Fins Per Inch

7, 8, 9 FPI

Fin Height

0.400″ max

Root Diameter

0.75″ to 1.25″ OD

Tube Material

Cu, CuNi, Al

Max Process Temperature

Thermal Properties of Tube