DURA-R Custom Designed Finned Tube

Custom Designed Finned Tube 

DuraFin Tube prides itself with offering innovative solutions to the heat exchanger market.  We can work with your design team to make customer specific surfaces on tubing.


CorruLock/ET is a custom DuraCor® tube form that provides outside surface enhancements while “locking” the turbulator into the tube inside diameter.  See the Twisted Tape Turbulator and the DURA-T for more information about the two joined products.

Flat Fin/ET

DuraFin Tube’s Flat Fin/ET finned tubing provides enhanced surface when the heat transfer media is moving longitudinal to tube. Flat Fin/ET copper fins is available with brazed or soldered fin to tube bond. This fin style is custom developed per the customer application and design. Contact us to find out more information.

Customer Specific Custom Design

See Finned Tube Development for more information on how to start this process.