We are the Most Capable Finned Tube Supplier in North America.

We supply the broadest selection of enhanced surface finned tubing and heat exchanger performance equipment on the market.

We provide anything from off the straight fin tube to customized heat exchanger products retrofitted to maximize the heat exchange of your specific systems.

We provide heat transfer solutions to the HVAC industry that improve heating/cooling efficiency, prevent system failures and overheating, and comply with government-mandated efficiency requirements for heating and cooling products.

Our finned tubes increase heating/cooling surface areas up to 30x for optimal efficiency.

We feature an extensive offering of:

● Applied Finned Tubes
● Low Finned Tubes
● Medium High Finned Tubes
● High Finned Tubes
● Enhanced Surface Tubes
● Formed Tubes
● Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
● Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers
● Bent Finned Tubes
● Bent Smooth Tubes
● Heat Exchanger Parts

We are an industry-leading, world-class driven company with a passion to find the perfect solution to difficult heating and cooling problems.

We service customized solutions for:

● HVAC & Boilers
● Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
● Plumbing & Air conditioning
● Oil & Gas Suppliers
● Energy Generation Industries
● Prime Metal, Steel & Aluminum Mills
● Equipment Manufacturers
● Food Manufactures
● Transportation Providers

Focused innovation and drive are in our blood. That passion has allowed us to grow from a simple fabrication and weld shop in 1984 to an extensive one-stop shop for customized, retrofitted heat exchange solutions today. Our knowledge, experience, and finned tube inventory are unparalleled in the industry.

Our passion is shared by all team members.

Our Passion: To honor God by enhancing people, process, and product.
Our Mission:  To provide innovative finned tube products that make systems more effective and efficient.
Our Core Values:  Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Value Creation, Excellence.

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You deserve the absolute best in heat exchanger performance. We promise to deliver the perfect solution, streamlined and optimized to your particular systems, at an economical price point with a quality that is second to none.

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