DURA-T Corrugated Metal Tube

DuraFin Tube offers a specialized type of DuraCor® corrugated metal tubing with increased surface area and turbulence to improve heat transfer efficiency. Metal corrugated tubing provides a rolled impression on the inside of the tube. The corrugation of a tube can be set to any depth or pitch to match our customers requirements.


Fins Per Inch

0.1666″ – 1.0″ (1-6 FPI) Typical

Corrugation Depth

0.010″ to 0.060″ Typical (Deeper Based Upon Tube OD & Wall)

Tube OD

0.25″ to 3.0″ OD

Tube Material

Cu, CuNi, Br, Al, SS, CS, Ni, Ti

Max Process Temperature

Thermal Properties of Tube