How to Weather the Tariff Hurricane w/ Fin Tubes Made in USA


As winds from potential trade disputes turn to storm, even the price on a can of Reddi-wip is expected to take a hit. So will a 6-pack of Stroh’s and a bag of potato chips. There’s a lot we can’t predict, but we can bet that as prices rise, consumers will be the ones left paying the difference.

So what do upcoming US tariffs mean for finned tubes and heat exchangers?

The sky may be darkening, but we can say that Energy Transfer is better positioned than most to weather the hurricane.

That’s because our finned tubes are manufactured and tooled entirely in the US. To better clarify this distinction and the highly differentiated quality we bring to the industry, Energy Transfer is pleased to announce the debut of DuraFin® finned tubes. The newly branded product will be less adversely affected by trade disputes since every piece of DuraFin technology is built right here in the US.

Let’s take a look at how to maintain fin tube efficiency at an affordable price point that doesn’t boil over.

DuraFin: US Finned Tubes Manufactured & Tooled In-house

DuraFin technology primarily uses domestically sourced materials through a highly stable and secure supply chain. International resources are only tapped when absolutely necessary. By doing everything in-house, we have abundant access to parts and materials without the lengthy delivery times of importation, which would otherwise add at least 4 weeks to any build.

In-house development also opens DuraFin to wider accessibility in product groups and styles. DuraFin, therefore, introduces a wider variety of domestically produced finned tubing to serve a broader range of purposes and use cases.

A Bold New Logo

Along with the release of DuraFin, we also debuted a new logo for Energy Transfer that establishes DuraFin as the foundation of our product line.

Our logo features a simple design to convey the efficiency of precision. Bold red coloring is offset by sharply defined black lettering. This is meant to suggest the seamless transfer of energy enabled by the efficiency of finned tubing. Heat cools through the prudent use of enhanced space – confined simply and elegantly within the dimensions of a DuraFin tube.

How Will You Weather the Storm?

With tariffs expected to be 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum, volatility crackles like lightning across US manufacturer spreadsheets. How will you weather the storm?

First, start planning – yesterday. Figure out what your needs will be tomorrow, next month, a year down the road. Tell your provider all the details, whether its an educated estimate or just a guess shot from the hip. The better they can plan for your heat exchanger needs ahead of time, the more optimally they can play the markets to deliver the lowest price.

Second, whenever possiblemake made in the US your new playbook. Think local over global. Work with a fin tube manufacturer that makes its own products in-house and has a robust supply chain that sources materials as close to home as possible.

Third, partner with a domestic manufacturer of suitable size that has a large enough inventory of fin tubing to meet your needs. They’ll have access to materials and parts less adversely affected by market fluctuation. A wider network can deliver higher versatility and be able to affordably meet your heat exchanger needs on a tighter timeline. Your investment delivers optimally efficient and robust power because you’re working with a much larger engine firing on all cylinders.

Weather happens, but the show must go on. The world still needs refrigeration, air conditioners, rocket ships to outer space – and all that requires fin tubing. But by using resources sourced as domestically as possible and proactively planning for those materials, you can still achieve efficient quality at a price point that doesn’t fry the boilermaker.

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